Dear RonnieMan #1

Dear Ronnieman,

I am so sorry I didn’t get to meet you. I am so sorry that you are gone. I am so sorry that so many people have to grieve for you. I am so sorry that your killer has not been brought to justice yet.

Your children are beautiful. I look at my own kid and try to imagine what your loss might feel like to your mother and your kids. It is unbearable. It is an outrage.

The officers who took your life are not alone. They are protected by the FOP, IPRA, the state’s attorney, and the mayor’s office.

But you and your family are not alone, either. They are joined in grief by many more families suffering the same violence. And they are joined in solidarity by the thousands of people who have marched in Chicago for justice for Laquan, for Rekia, and you.

We will remember you by making sure the city can never forget the harm CPD has done to you and so many others.


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