Dear RonnieMan

Write a letter to RonnieMan. Use your imagination and tell him how you are feeling, what you are thinking, how his death has impacted your life. Share your letter, in written or video form and we will post it here.

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Part of the ways in which the state responds after a Black person has been killed, is to create a two-dimensional portrayal of the deceased. Often, they blame the person killed for their death and demonize the murdered victim in an attempt to create a narrative that justifies that their life was taken. We must disrupt this whenever this occurs with as many tools we have at our disposal. One important way to do this is to reinforce the humanity of the person killed, reject the two-dimensional portrayals and reject the demonization of the victim.

RonnieMan was a father. RonnieMan loved animals. RonnieMan was a son. RonnieMan was a brother. RonnieMan was creative. RonnieMan was as complicated and as multi-dimensional as every single one of us. He deserved to live. He deserved to raise his children and watch them grow into old age. He should be here and we refuse to allow the state to erase his memory.

“I love Ronnieman because he is helpful and lovable and he is kind and smart, and he has five kids and they love their daddy so much and never stopped loving him.” (2)